Payroll Processing Exception Fees

Company will pay all fees, including, but not limited to, fees for all Provider Services through an EFT or such other method as required by Provider when due (collectively “Fees”). Minimum monthly Fees are due in the event Company fails to process a payroll or the payroll fails to meet the minimum monthly charge during the month. Fees include, but are not limited to, minimum monthly, insufficient funds, late fees and premium processing fees. Provider’ Fees are subject to change upon written notification to Company. Provider may, in its sole discretion, require a security deposit from Company. If sufficient funds are not available on the Funding Deadline, Provider may take such action to collect Amounts Due including, but not limited to, reissuance of the EFT and assessing insufficient fund Fees. Company acknowledges that Company is responsible for any delay in remittance of Reimbursement Amounts if Provider is unable to confirm receipt of funds prior to the Funding Deadline.

Ad Hoc Request (Exception Fees) $ 120.00
Adjustment (Exception Fees) $ 225.00
Cancel Payroll (Exception Fees) $ 49.00
Continuity Plan (Exception Fees) $ 129.00
Corrected W-2 (Exception Fees) $ 69.00
Direct Deposit Returned (Exception Fees) $ 80.00
Direct Deposit Reversal (Exception Fees) $ 80.00
Entity Change (Exception Fees) $ 350.00
Expedited Correction (Exception Fees) $ 150.00
Expedited One Day Per Transaction Over 1 (Exception Fees) $ 1.00 for first 1 unit(s)
$ 8.00 for each additional unit
Expedited Processing One Day (Exception Fees) $ 89.00
Expedited Processing Same Day (Exception Fees) $ 149.00
Expedited Same Day Per Transaction Over 1 (Exception Fees) $ 1.00 for first 1 unit(s)
$ 8.00 for each additional unit
Manual Payroll (Exception Fees) $ 125.00
Missing EIN < 60 days (Exception Fees) $ 60.00
Missing EIN > 60 days (Exception Fees) $ 120.00
Missing Local EIN (Exception Fees) $ 60.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (1st NSF) (Exception Fees) $ 220.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (2nd NSF) (Exception Fees) $ 325.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (3rd NSF or more) (Exception Fees) $ 450.00
Pay Period Date Change (Exception Fees) $ 49.00
Quarterly Amended Return (Exception Fees) $ 250.00
Tracing Deposit (Exception Fees) $ 99.00
Void Payroll (Exception Fees) $ 99.00
W-2 Demographic Change (Exception Fees) $ 59.00